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Writing full time for fun and money...

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Writing is hard work, and writing full time is hard work but it is also fantastically rewarding in so many ways; only one being the green stuff you can attract with the right combination of letters, words and sentences.

As time goes on this web site will fill with advice from a number of different sources but for now I can only talk from my own experience. I've always loved reading and writing, it verges on addiction... well heck I'll stand up and admit it...

My name's Paul, and I'm a book-aholic...

It started when I entered teen-angst and has continued ever since. I've got an office filled with notebooks, journals, pads of yellow legal paper (what is it about the yellow lined pads? I love working out ideas on them) and computer files, all of which contain thousands upon thousands of words. I don't have them neatly organized and most of the stuff I've written should never be read by anyone but me, BUT... and this is a big BUT (almost as big as the one I sit on)...

The hours I've spent transcribing my thoughts, arranging words, and searching for the right turn of phrase are the foundation for everything I have accomplished as a writer. Most people who have never written a book, do not realize how much physical effort is involved, even when you use a computer. When I first started to write full time (about ten years ago) I could only do about two hours before my brain would fry and my body would start to slump over the keyboard. Now I can write about six hours a day and I do not normally feel fatigued at the end of the session.

So the first thing is to have the stamina, persistence and physical vitality to be a writer. Then you need to develop some organizational skills. You can do everything the hard way if you want, but if you are going to be a successful writer/publisher it helps to learn from others who have gone before...

When I say organizational skills what I mean is that for non-fiction (which is the genre of greatest success for the self publisher) there are tried and tested formats that you can use as templates to help you organize your thoughts and to make sure that you have covered your topic in a way that will satisfy your readers. When it comes to non-fiction information products, especially those you are going to offer online, you need to over-deliver, big time.

I've had great success with two books:

Make Your Words Sell is written by Joe Robson...

This is a seriously great book, it's 309 pages and includes three additional booklets; Automatic Response Words (27 pages), Email words (76 pages) and Online Store Words (61 pages). As an example of over-delivery and exceptionally useful information I recommend it to anyone. I learned a lot from it, and still refer to it regularly.

Self publishing to create residual income

Start thinking outside of the box... self publishing to create a long term residual income. Make assets of all your publications!

Make Your Knowledge Sell

This book, by Monique Harris, complements MYWS! beautifully. It's subtitled, How to sell your brain on the net and no kidding, this is a wonderful book, 337 pages and including five additonal booklets; 120 New Places to Promote and Sell your Information Product Online (66 pages), 186 Places to Promote and Sell your Information Product Online (110 pages), The MYKS! Automation Manual (42 pages), Ebook Secrets (420 pages) and The Online Infosellers Jump Start Kit (84 pages).

Additional high quality links...

Writing your book -- learn from the best

More links and good advice if you are wanting, thinking, needing to write a book...

Amazon.com -- the world's largest online bookstore.

Amazon.ca -- if you live in Canada, click here!

How to write a book review.

Guidelines from James A Cox of the Mid West Book Review -- what you should include in every book review.

Busy Womens Fitness

Bruce Hanley & Cindy Brotherston combine Cindy's passion for fitness and health and Bruce's interest in starting an online business...

Family history - writing your autobiography

Written by Michael Boyter, the author of the best selling Memorygrabber eBook.

Capturing Memories Through Your Family Stories

A personal story-writing service - to take the work out of recalling and writing your family stories.

The Invisible Path to Success

If you've tried self help programs that didn't work for you, I suggest strongly that you have a look at the Invisible Path to Success. The bottom line -- it works!

How I found success, the true story...

How I learned to talk to my director and put ads into the network...

Becoming a professional writer

This course teaches you how to go from being a writer to being a professional writer. Patterns of publisher acceptance, how to resell, and how to build editorial contacts.