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The Publishers' Meeting Place

This is the place for publishers (or would-be publishers) to meet -- the publishers' meeting place!

If you thought writing was hard, wait until you dip your fingers into the publisher's world... not that I'm trying to put you off -- on the contrary, I want to encourage you -- but I also think that it is a good idea to be realistic right from the start.

Let's look at the advantages and the disadvantages...

The advantages of self publishing:

1. You can make more money -- instead of 5% to 15% royalties, you can make 40% or more, and with electronic publishing the profits are even higher.

2. You have more control -- from book design, to advertising copy, you are in charge.

3. Your book has priority -- it is your baby, not one of a stable.

4. Tax advantages -- run as a home business, there are a multitude of costs you can deduct from your income taxes.

5. You can do it in your own time -- part time at first, in addition to your day job.

6. As a launching pad -- having a book published, even if it is self published, gives you credibility as an "expert" and once you generate a readership, can often lead to contracts with larger, more established publishing houses.

The disadvantages of self publishing:

1. You provide the money for printing, advertising and shipping costs, you have to take all the risks.

2. You do everything -- you are the writer, editor, book designer, illustrator, photographer, typesetter, printer, financial advisor, public relations, shipper, and manager.

3. It can be difficult to obtain constructive criticism -- you give your book to your friends and relations and they all say it is great, but is it really?

4. Self motivation and the discipline required to follow through on a project that can be years long, can be a problem. Sometimes you get so close to your book that you can no longer see it clearly.

5. You have to be able to sell yourself -- not everyone can do this.

6. You are on your own -- especially in the initial stages, do you have the strength to persevere?

What I found after eight years of writing/publishing is that working alone during the writing stage is fine, but that I need good people to help me when I get into the editing, book design and marketing stages.

A good editor, or a professional reader is worth every penny. I got stuck on a book I had been working on for three years, I went up one side of the mountain and came down the other and was completely lost -- to the point where I had just about given up. I was getting tired of people asking me, "How's the book going?" and not being able to give them an answer beyond, "It's coming along..."

A friend suggested that I find an editor, which I did... after months of procrastination and fussing with myself over the costs involved. The editor suggested that she do a "readers report" which would give me a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of my manuscript. It cost me $150.00 and was worth every penny. Her twenty page report showed me how to correct the basic problems I had been unable to see before. I had to do a complete re-write, but I was able to do it in six months, and finally finished the book.

This book is now available online as a downloadable pdf format eBook -- it's called: Real Feelings -- how to heal your bodymind with transformational exercises. That, by the way, was a bit of shameless self promotion -- it becomes a habit after a while, hard to stop... you?ll get used to it.

Two books I have found absolutely outstanding are The Self Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter and The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Tom & Marilyn Ross. If you are serious about writing and publishing you NEED these books.

They both have web sites, Dan Poynter's is called Para Publishing, where you can download an interesting little eBook called Steal This eBook! by Danny O Snow.

Tom and Marilyn Ross have two sites, About-Books and SPAN (Small Publishers of North America). It will cost you money to join SPAN, but it won't cost you anything to visit their site and put your name down for their free ezine.

But before you do that you should put your name down for our free ezine, The Self Publishers Club News...

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