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Market your online books...

Now I'm getting really excited!

Online books -- the future is now!

If you want to sell books online you need to put in the hours and make the right contacts, you can't just stick it on a web page and hope for the best...

When I'm not writing I'm a keen fisherman, and the first thing you learn if you want to catch fish is to go where the fish are...

That might seem obvious but you would be surprised how many fishers I see fishing where there are no fish. When you consider how big the ocean is, you could spend an entire life time without ever catching a fish if all you did was throw your line overboard and drag it around behind you.

Selling online books is no different...

You can cast your line out in the hope that you will snag something that is swimming past, or you can search for the right location and throw your lure right in the middle of a school of fish all looking for the same thing. If the lure is the right colour and shape and traveling in the right direction -- boom, you've got a strike!

I don't have any trouble selling my Muscle Book and Stretching Book to dancers, dance teachers, yoga practitioners and teachers, massage therapists and massage schools because they are what they are looking for. If you are interested in something you will buy and read every book on the subject, so there is always room for another opinion or approach.

My point is that, like fish looking for bait, readers (especially non-fiction readers) are always looking for online books that will help them solve their problems, or advance themselves in some way.

The problem with buying online books is that you can't pick one up and flip through a few pages like you can in the bookstore -- but this isn't the major obstacle -- you can give your readers a free sample, which is what I do with all my eBooks. No, the major obstacle is the click factor...

The click factor is that which attracts the surfer/reader to your web site... and it is as subtle and cranky a factor as a salmon that is looking to spawn and not interested in food thank you very much!

My solution... is The Market!

This is a Self Publishers Market, where you will be able to display your books, like at a book fair, with links to your own site for sales. What makes The Market different from a site like ebookdirectory is the personal factor. All the self published products available here will be vouched for personally, either by me, or by a person I trust.

If you are interested in displaying your books here please contact me at:

Online books!

All you have to do is write a short article explaining the passion in your life that lead you to create whatever it is that you have created -- book, ezine, art work... whatever. I will use this article as a link to your product(s).

What's in the book box today...?

Online books and pricing -- what's it worth?

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