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According to the Small Press Center, independent presses publish 1.1 million books each year, and in 1999, fifty thousand indy publishers marked up more than $14 billion in sales -- over half of all total book sales. More importantly, small presses remain vital sources of freethinking, emerging voices, regionalism, and, yes, the occult.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The 32 volume Encyclopaedia Britannica online, includes the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus. Your reference center at a click!

Encyclopedia Bananica

Everything you probably did not want to know about bananas!

The Beckham Publications Group

Unique book publishing company offers joint venture self publishing project to promote the works of young and budding writers.

Anne Wayman - Write for dollars

Wanting, even needing to write, is both a blessing and a curse. Together we can share our experience, answer each other's questions and make the writing life even more rewarding. Join me on these ever-changing pages, in our chats and on our forum as we work and play together.

Christopher Willitts - Go Publish

Our goal is to provide writers with the best self-publishing resources the Internet has to offer.

Chas Sinklier - 10 best baby boomer businesses

Recommended by the researchers at 10BBBB Online Magazine - The Top Ten Businesses for Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. Escape the rat race through the profession of writing and the business of owning a business that frees one to be creative and free and to afford self-publishing.

Powell's Books

The world's best independent online bookstore...

From humble storefront beginnings in 1971 on a derelict corner of northwest Portland, Powell's Books has grown into one of the world's great bookstores, with seven locations in the Portland metropolitan area, and one of the book world's most successful dot-coms, serving customers worldwide.

PenUltimate Editorial Services

PenUltimate Editorial Services provides fast, top-caliber, professional freelance editing, proofreading, manuscript consultation and other editing services to authors throughout the English-speaking world.

Everyday writing with style

Executives preparing sales proposals; customers requesting replacement of faulty gadgets; college students sending e-mail home to parents: anyone who has cause to put thoughts into words will benefit from this course. Whether their purpose is to inform, to entertain, or to influence, written words are taken more seriously than spoken words. People who want to ensure achieving the "write" results with words will benefit from practicing Everyday Writing With Style.

Introduction to creative writing

Introduction to Creative Writing is aimed at literate students (teenaged or adult) who enjoy writing and would like to develop their skills in a friendly, practical environment. It is open to those who would like to write for profit, and to those who would like to write for fun. Students, home goddesses, or professionals from other fields are all welcome.

Writer's Help Desk

Taking advantage of traditional and emerging alternative publishing resources, Writer's Help Desk seeks to help individuals turn their dreams to publish their own books into reality. The company has developed information and workshops to assist writers to publish and promote their books.

Writers' Helper

As a self publishing author you may be in a hurry to get your words into print. Publishing houses hire editors to make sure their authors produce the best books possible. As an independent writer you are on your own to find your own professional support. Hold yourself in check and get the help you need before you go to print.

The Writers' Helper site gives you free information on writing, editing, and publishing; tips so you can create the strongest possible book; and a free analysis of your work and a quote based on the services you want for your book.

Writing English

Do you have an important business letter, report, term paper, curriculum vitae, cover letter, or other written presentation to prepare? We will check your written English before you send or present it and show you what to change.

Sandhill Books

Sandhill specializes in the distribution of small press and independently published titles.

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