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Free eBooks

I want this list to grow! -- if you have a free eBook that you would like to recommend please email FreeBooks with a short paragraph describing the book and the URL where it can be found. All the free eBooks on this page are personally scrutinized before being listed. There are zillions of eBooks out there -- I want this to be a list you can trust, so I am starting with...

The Masters Courses -- from SiteSell

The Masters Courses come in two formats: an email course (a number of installments over consecutive days) or a PDF-formatted eBook. Both formats are free.

The Service Sellers Masters Course

Attract new clients from around the world... or from around the block.

This is a free eBook instruction manual that shows you how to build and expand your service business into a global market. As the author Ken Evoy says, "Find me a service seller who proceeds through the entire course and remains unexcited by the income-leveraging potential of the Net and I'll chop up my high-back computer chair and eat it for lunch!" Need I say more...?

Affiliate Masters Course

Shows you how to become a high-earning affiliate champion.

This free eBook shows you how to make money online by directing people to sites that pay commissions on sales. It shows you how to brainstorm great ideas, relating to your own special interests and how to turn those interests into cash. Not a get rich quick scheme, but a well thought out plan of action in step by step format.

Infoproducts Masters Course

How to brainstorm, create, produce and sell your very own infoproduct online.

Got a good idea? Great! Want to sell it online but don't know how? Great! This is the free eBook you need. Fictional eBooks might be slow taking off but infoproducts are hot and the electronic format is terrific for self publishers. This book will tell you how to do it, from beginning to end.

Net Auction Masters Course

Start and grow a profitable Net auction business

You like flea markets? You like garage sales? You like eBay? This is how to do it... make money with a Net auction business. This is also a great place to advertise your book(s) by auctioning them off... If you are daunted by the whole buying/selling online thing, you NEED this free eBook.

Childrens books by Neels Theron

Free childrens books by Neels Theron. A creative use of the PDF format that enables parents to make mini-books for their children. Highly recommended.