The Self Publishers Club

The purpose of the Self Publishers Club is to support, encourage and educate writer/publishers.

My name is Paul Blakey and I'm here to transform you from, "one who nobody will publish" to one whose voice shall be heard!

Film and music has been transformed by an upsurge in independent producers who are willing to explore areas that mainstream producers will not touch, and writer/publishers are reinventing Gutenberg as they bypass the monolithic framework that has been the traditional writer - publisher relationship in the past.

It is time for self publishers to stand up and be proud!

My first book was published in 1992 by Bibliotek Books, UK, a simple anatomy book (The Muscle Book) which has sold steadily for the past ten years, paying my mortgage and allowing me to indulge my desire to become a full time writer. Since I had done the illustrations and basic page design for The Muscle Book, I decided that I would self publish my next book and in 1994 I produced Stretching Without Pain, a much more complicated book, with many more illustrations and almost twice the number of pages.

In 8 years of trial and error I think the biggest lesson I have learned is to NOT do everything myself. The mainstream "published" writer has the help of a whole team of people, and even then the financial failures far outnumber the financial successes. What hope then does the average self publisher have of beating the odds?

The solution? Simple -- the self publishers club!

The Self Publishers Club is divided into three main areas:

The writers corner: Contains information to help you jump start your creativity, fine tune your writing and polish your manuscript. Links to excellent writer's sites, books and products.

The publishers meeting place: This is where you can schmooze with other publishers and find links to sites, books and products related to self publishing. There are some fantastic books and people in the biz and I want to facilitate the sharing of top quality information.

The market: This is where you will be able to display your wares and find links to help you sell your books. The exciting thing about self publishing is that marketing is so much more than competing with other authors in the bookstore. One of the best bits of advice I ever read was from Dan Poynter (author of The Self Publishing Manual) -- he said that the worst place in the world to try to sell a book is in a bookstore. I took that to heart and found it to be terrific advice. So here is where you will be able to display your books, (as if you were at a 24/7book fair), and to see what other self publishers are offering.

The last ten years as a writer/publisher have been some of the most rewarding and creative years of my life. With internet technology, the potential for independent publishers, self publishers, writer/publishers is greater than ever before; eBooks, treeBooks, ezines, magazines, DVD's... the whole world is opening up and I believe that a new paradigm is emerging -- that the new world of electronic communication and commerce will flourish when we start to understand that cooperation works better than competition.

That's why I want you to join the club...

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